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Population Management Tool

Web based application designed by clinicians to identify and manage preventive care services across a broad population of patients

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Coordinated Care Tool

Web based Nursing documentation application to manage chronically ill patients

Healthways Acquires Ascentia Health Care Solutions

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Apr 23, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ben R. Leedle, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Healthways (Nasdaq: HWAY), announced that the Company has acquired Ascentia Health Care Solutions, a Philadelphia area based company whose business is designed to support and promote population health management, patient centered programs, payer strategies and physician practice enhancement programs. Healthways will apply Ascentia's technology, solutions and management team to support the rapidly growing demand for Physician-Directed Population Health (PDPH) capabilities from physician enterprises, healthcare systems and health plans across the country.

Industrial Strength Tools, Designed by Doctors, Built by Professional Software Developers

To succeed as an Accountable Care Organization, payers and providers must have new ways to connect, communicate and collaborate. Ascentia is helping both providers and payers meet the operational, technological, policy and procedural requirements necessary to achieve clinically integrated models of care that simultaneously lower costs and improve clinical outcomes. By using the collective experience and knowledge of practicing physicians, care coordinators, and other health care professionals, Ascentia has developed turn-key, outboard solutions, including; Population Management Tool and Coordinated Care Tool, that allow organizations to rapidly deploy the tenets of accountable care delivery models in short time frames.

Many companies are rushing to provide tools and services, but new systems are inherently untested. Ascentia's processes and software applications have been developed and successfully deployed over the past 11 years. Our software was designed by practice physicians and developed using current architecture and tools.

As payers and providers alike begin to work together to improve care, cost effective, proven capabilities will be essential.

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